The internet is abuzz with new diet gimmicks surfacing every single day. All of them have one thing in common: they all promise quick and easy weight loss. However, to set the record straight, we are debunking 5 of the most popular hacks that are certain to back-fire if you are not mindful of the pitfalls.


Cutting carbs from your diet is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, because not only are carbs the biggest and most versatile food group, but also, most of our favorite processed foods on supermarket aisles belong to this category. However, most people omit to consider that a lot of the weight that is lost as a result of cutting back on carbs is water weight, as carbs cause our muscles to retain water. Also of note is the troublesome and hurtful reality that keeping to a very-low-carb diet is very difficult, and the weight comes back by leaps and bounds once you go back.

We take a closer look at FAD diets and why you should avoid them here.


This is a tricky one. While I personally recommend having a cheat day on your sheet to keep fighting the good fight against junk on days that you ARE dieting, I have also seen it backfire many a times by causing a binge-eating pattern. This is very much likely to reverse all your hard work of the previous many days. So unless, in your dictionary one cookie means one cookie, its best to allow yourself a little indulgence frequently, instead of waiting for your cheat day, when you will likely act like a cat with a tub of cream. And we all know what a tub of cream can do to your waistline!


Swearing off junk food, eliminating processed foods and getting back to basics with nutrition all sound like a great game plan, and is what most of us aspire to achieve while on a diet. However, eating this way all of the time is just not realistic. Instead of setting unachievable eating expectations, consider following a moderate approach to wellness: eat more whole, minimally processed food as much as you can, but keep the back door open to flexibility some of the time.


Even if you are eating 100% healthy, the calories still count. Increased caloric intake will still make you gain weight, even if its healthy weight. Keep your portions small if you are eating multiple times a day.


Calories in should be less than calories out, or at least that is what most diets want you to know. And while that is in part correct, and definitely makes sense, the human body is more complex than a simple mathematical equation. Several things factor into your body weight, and while calories are the major part of it, they are not the entirety of it. Severe restriction of calories can not only be harmful to everyday bodily functions, but your body wises up to it and goes into starvation mode, which will store ANY calories you may consume, and hence not make you lose any more weight. Adjust your calorie intake slowly and steadily for a more sustained result.

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